SELF-GENOCIDE: A Reassessment, by The Abolitionist 6°

The house is on fire and vampires await.

Happy New Year.
The previous B.L.O.G. ("Understanding Annihilation") concluded with an enormously practical understanding. Indeed, this understanding is so useful and important we will present it again in a moment. But for now consider what Miss Moses (a/k/a Harriet Tubman) explained,
 "I freed a thousand slaves and coulda freed a thousand mo' if'n they'da knowed they was slaves."
Well, yesterday is today.  Now as then, ignorance binds us more firmly than chains. Ignorance makes us passive. And passivity makes us subservient. Passivity makes us accept the subservient roles assigned to us by the Matrix of white subjugationism. Passivity--the behavioral outgrowth of ignorance--makes us complicit in our genocide, like lambs that go blithely to the slaughter. 

Also in the previous B.L.O.G., the great Military Sage Sun Tzu remarked:

"Know your enemy....."  

Foremost knowing our enemy includes knowing his strategy a…

GENOCIDE AND SPIRITUAL SCIENCE: Understanding Annihilation by The Abolitionist 5°

Beloved People, 

By necessity i (like you) go about my daily life.

i read, look for discounts, fix my toilet or whatever. i hang in (usually) with a small circle of wise beings i am privileged to call friends. Sometimes (our Black feet being what they are) we dance up a storm. Of course i pray, exercise and meditate. Since my first invocation is while on my back before i get out of bed, i pray every day, though sometimes  my intentions to exercise and meditate are just thoughts at which life laughs. Occasionally, i gossip. Always i delight in the incredibly wholesome meals my wholesome wife prepares. Always i delight in my wife. 

And i engage in activities to acquire fiat dollars that i almost immediately give away.

Because white subjugationism's economic paradigm is deliberately what it is, sometimes paying bills gets interesting. But i sweat not: as regret is like worrying about the past, worry is like regretting the future. "Negative" focus on either is just straight up s…

SELF-GENOCIDE: Genocide's Secret Weapon Part 3 by The Abolitionist 4° (Fourth Degree)

FOOD-LIKE PRODUCTS or Death With KetchupPart 3

...So, by considering the political etymology of the "Stockholm Syndrome," Zionism and the extremely elucidating fact regarding psychopathic traits displayed during the formative period of the average white boychild--by considering how the definition of these terms and behaviors have mutated, we've seen that like all else in the oppressive status quo, Eurocentric psychiatry conspires to advance white subjugationism.  (For a review, please see the previous B.L.O.G. Death With Ketchup Part 2).  Thus it is no surprise that white subjugationist psychiatric bodies are rebranding healthy eating as "orthorexianervosa" and defining it as a mental disorder.
Obviously, this authoritatively packaged coercion conspires to use the innate desire for normality to  sway people to.not eat healthfully. To not eat healthful foods; but (to be sane) to eat what is normal. Of course, "normal" is synonymous with conventional. And…

SELF-GENOCIDE: Genocide's Secret Weapon PART 2 by The Abolitionist 3* (Third Degree)


SELF-GENOCIDE: Genocide's Secret Weapon by The Abolitionist 2* (Second Degree)

Genocide/Self-Genocide: The Physical Attack
Imagine the year is 1600 and you are a prosperous merchant in Ghana. 
Or imagine that the year is 1802 and you are a proud Navajo parent of a soon-to-be wed daughter.
Or (even) imagine the year is 1936 and you are a Jewish socialite or Jewish duly elected public official in Germany.
In each of these scenarios--in each of these idyllic yesterdays--the moment seemed too serene, too normal for the idea of imminent disaster to be taken seriously. The Ghanaian merchant had too much gold and cattle to believe the rumors about kidnappings. The Navajo parent had too many buffalo hides and too much freedom to give credence to the warnings about treaties and pale faces. The carefree Jewish socialite had too much charm and wealth and the Jewish elected official had too many important connections and stature to entertain ravings about ovens and internment camps. 
But now with hindsight the whole world says of each of them, "Ahhh--if only they had listen…

WHY THIS B.L.O.G.? by The Abolitionist 1* (First Degree)

Even lies are dishonest, nowadays.

Once upon a time, white subjugationism (wrongly termed "white supremacy") came straight at you (invader, enslaver, colonizer).  There was truth in its evil. Then it grew clever, artful, subtle (missionaries, investors, international development NGOs). 

Now white subjugationism has entered the Cyber Age and morphed into everything from the air we breathe to our children to even we ourselves. We've really gotta get that: white subjugationism has weaponized EVERYTHING against us--including our children and (via the Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome) not just us against us but each individual against her- or himself. Our self-destructive programming is not limited to the obvious conditioned fratricidal gang violence or slaughter between African ethnic groups that white folks so adore showing us on TV. Rather, as upcoming analysis and authoritative reports will demonstrate, through traumatized genetics and psychological warfare, we have been train…